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In 2014 Guyana is predicted once again to experience some of the fastest economic growth in the western hemisphere. To understand the sources of this growth means to see the growing range of opportunities for profitable investment. Guyana is endowed with outstanding natural resources and a strategic geographical location. This is combined with preferential access to some of the world’s key markets, over 20 years of macroeconomic stability, an Englishspeaking and internationally-minded population, and a government commitment across all parties to developing the private sector.

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GUYANA'S Economic Review 2013

Guyana’s economy has experienced moderate growth over recent years which are largely due to sound financial systems, public and private investments and external trade. In 2013 Guyana’s economy grew by 4.6 percent. The economy relies heavily on exports of primarily six commodities namely: gold, sugar, rice, bauxite, timber and shrimp, which represents nearly 60 percent of GDP and are susceptible to weather conditions and fluctuations in commodity prices. More so, it is highly dependent on the importation of fuel, lubricants, manufactured products and machinery. Given this substantial tradeoff, Guyana’s Balance of Payment was in a deficit of US$119.5 million and a net export of US$ 471.4 million in 2013.

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INVEST IN GUYANA'S Agricultural Sector

Guyana is believed to have produced more than $75B worth of vegetables and related food, apart from locally consumed meat and dairy products in 2013. Despite this number, Guyana’s food import bill is a staggering $30B annually-- a reflection of the vast opportunities for investment in the production of substitutes for the imported food commodities.

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